The Cocktail Journey: 13 Formations of Sacred Geometry And Their 52 Chronological Conceptions 

Inspired by sacred principles, human preferences, technical masteries, cultural impressions, creative curiosities, and collective creations throughout past journeys and history of drinks that define the core identity of Q&A Bar, we interpreted principles of the origin of life, myth of creation, and fundamental formation of all living elements revolved around 13 figurative patterns into 52 classic cocktails in chronological order with Q&A Bar's expertise and creativity.




To participate in “The Cocktail Journey”, any customer must make a purchase a passport book, which will come with a deck of compatible 52 cocktail cards. Customers who once purchased will get 4 drinks freely chosen right at the beginning.

This campaign allows all drinkers not only to experience genuine tastes but also to acknowledge about places of origin, birth years, and brief backstories of most recognized alcohol mixed drinks in the mixology history.